Distributori automatici EasySelf-24

High-Capacity, Secure Storage in minimal space.

The EasySelf-24 technology allows you to handle various amounts of different products in minimal space. The goods are stored in carousels and separate bins with doors, to manage a wide range of different items, with great attention to security and customization.

EasySelf-24 has the solution for the optimal management of your items, be they small or large, many or just a few – you can choose the solution that best suits the storage needs of your production facility.


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The high security functions allow for customized distribution:

- The carousels allow for single-item output for reliable stock control
- User access can be monitored and restricted
- The bins with doors allow for easy dispensing and returning of the items, making the single user responsible for them




Flexible storage is vital to obtain maximum efficiency and returns on the investment.

  • The new EasySelf-24 optimizes usage and reduces total storage costs.
  • The machine can handle up to 560 items.
  • It requires minimal space

Custom setup

Set the machine up to make space for many different products:

  • The initial setup can be changed to fit changing stocks
  • The machine can store a variety of products, from PPE to kits and utensils
  • The bins with doors allow for monitoring of durable items and large quantities

The machine is controlled by the CribMaster stock management software:

  • Notification of critical stock levels and optimal order quantities to avoid out-of-stocks

Usage data makes it easy to optimize stocks and save money